About Smooder - From ideation to development

Our smoothie innovation journey from scratch up to the present. From the creation of our proprietary smoothie blending machine with self cleaning function and the creation of our super healthy and nutritious Smooder cup made to perfection.

Henry Tan

7/29/20211 min read

Smooder, located in Singapore is a professional nutrition business focusing on providing an innovative, automated, fuss-free, self-cleaning smoothie blending machine with a subscription plan to provide professionals at work with fresh cups of fruits and vegetables to convert into smoothies.

Smooder was founded by Henry, someone who is not a huge fan of eating any form of vegetable. Whilst concerned about his overall health and food nutritional balance, Henry discovered that smoothie is a healthy and tasty solution to the problem that many working professionals face.

Given the current hefty price tag (relative to other beverages) for a normal-sized smoothie and the inconvenience of getting one (offered at selected outlets and shopping malls), Henry wanted to solve the current state by providing a fuss-free and automated solution for all working adults to get a personal cup of smoothie at a relatively cheaper price.

green liquid in clear drinking glass with straw
green liquid in clear drinking glass with straw