Smooder creates a happier, healthier, and more productive workplace.

Singapore’s first Nespresso-like Smoothie Maker that works.

Employees and workers are becoming more and more health-conscious. Employers are trying to retain talent by making an engaging and enjoyable workplace but fail by giving their employees more snacks and caffeine. These snacks do spark happiness, but when consumed, only result in lethargy, poor health, and loss of productivity.

Things that might be hurting your workplace culture:

  • Pouring money into fancy caffeine products that result in a crash.

  • Purchasing artificial snacks and candy that negatively affects the health of your employees.

  • Not focusing on workplace health and wellness.

  • Not investing in healthy workplace snacks and beverages.

  • Not making your recreation area stand out.

Smooder is a spark that works.

Smooder is dedicated to bringing health, fun, and most importantly productivity to your work environment with our proprietary smoothy maker. Our machine is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

Our machine is unique and brings so
5 major benefits:

  1. Like Nespresso, we supply you with smoothy cups that you can simply plug and make.

  2. Don’t worry about complications, because it will blend the smoothie in the cups.

  3. No more messy stations. With its self-cleaning technology, you won’t have to waste time cleaning.

  4. Set up is easy and happens in 15 minutes or less and making smoothies only take 45 seconds!

  5. This machine requires very little maintenance and will guarantee your satisfaction.

Let Smooder be the talking point of your company. Schedule your FREE demo today by clicking the button down below.

Premium smoothy categories with 9 delicious flavors to choose from

  1. The Classics: Packed with superfoods and super flavors to replenish your vitamins and boost your energy.

  2. Green Delight: Hate the taste but need your greens… We got you covered.

  3. Protein Boost: Perfect for starting your day or fueling you after your workout. This is your meal in a cup.

  4. Seasonal Flavors: Rich Flavors that only come around during the holidays.

Our ingredients are ultra-fresh and are flash frozen. You won’t find any preservatives or sweeteners because our smoothy blends are all-natural.Smooder is dedicated to giving you selection, convenience, and ease. Your employees will be healthier, happier, and you will find a spike in your productivity.

Smooder offers blended smoothie deliveries for your corporate events too! Delivery of blended smoothies directly to your office will definitely bring a smile to your employees!

Drink Healthy

Empowering healthy habits have never been easier with Singapore's first countertop smoothie maker!

Show your employees you care by investing in their health through our smoothie subscription plan or catering smoothie for your next corporate townhall or event!

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